Activities and Programs offered at Playmakers Elite Sports Academy

Athletic Training Facility

Our athletic training facility has state of the art equipment and very experienced trainers. Our facility is designed to develop and maximize each athlete's full potential. It includes strength training equipment, vertimax, sleds, plyometric boxes, tires, ropes, 2 turf fields for multiple sports training and many other items. All at the same time housed in a safe and encouraging environment.

Education and Leadership

We offer tutoring and educational classes to assist youth in multiple areas: Mental Skills Training, job search and interviewing skills, money management, SAT/ACT prep, grants/financial aid education, and clearinghouse education. We also bring in top motivational speakers and educators from around the country to empower our youth.

Healthy Living and Well Being

Our healthy living component includes a mental skills development program that includes coaches and massage therapists. It also consists of nutritional component that includes meal prep, meal planning, and healthy eating. 

Scholarships and Career Buiding

We provide scholarship and financial aid research and preparation assistance. Our youth will also have access to resume writing, interviewing skills, and career guidance.

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